The Wit and Wisdom of Gary Weiss

In coming weeks, a new book by Gary Weiss called Ayn Rand Nation will be published by St. Martin’s Press. wants anybody who considers buying or reviewing the book to know more about the author, based on his own words.

This blog has gone to great lengths to identify many of the pseudonyms Gary Weiss has used online over the years, and Weiss is unhappy about this. You are strongly encouraged to review for yourself, where indicated, the trails of evidence connecting Weiss to the various pseudonyms that follow so that you can feel 100% comfortable of the connection. You are also encouraged to follow the links to the original postings to see for yourself the original racism and homophobia that tend to dominate Weiss’s writing, if you can stomach it.

One of Weiss’s pseudonyms is Ted Dichtler, as you can see proved here. Weiss often used Ted Dichtler to post to the Usenet group Soc.Culture.Jewish, where he frequently engaged in racism and homophobia, including the following:

Another Gary Weiss pseudonym is Lamborghini751. As you can read explained here, Weiss used this one to post to stock message boards where, true to form, he preferred homophobia and accusations of Nazism to actual discourse. Here are some examples:

This is the tip of the iceberg, with regard to Gary Weiss’s homophobia and racism. Much more of this to come, as well as a review of Weiss’s pattern of glowingly reviewing his own books on, and evidence that he’s already preparing to do the same when his next book is published.