The Wit and Wisdom of Gary Weiss

In coming weeks, a new book by Gary Weiss called Ayn Rand Nation will be published by St. Martin’s Press. wants anybody who considers buying or reviewing the book to know more about the author, based on his own words.

Lecture on abuse of social media by stock manipulators

I recently had the honor of lecturing a group of business students at the University of Texas, on the topic of abuse of social media by stock manipulators. I’ve merged the recording of the lecture with my slide presentation and make it available for you here.

Gary Weiss and DTCC: Roddy Boyd responds

While I suspect Gary Weiss has had an extensive relationship with DTCC, Boyd says DTCC spokesman Stuart Goldstein has personally denied as much to him on multiple occasions. What remains unclear is why, for 18 months, Stu Goldstein has insisted on answering my questions through Roddy Boyd.

Gary Weiss: his DTCC ties and lies

We knew his aim was to discredit and marginalize high profile opponents of illegal naked short selling. Yet his book, which seemed to be the launch pad of Weiss’s campaign, was quite critical of both hedge fund and prime broker culture: the two obvious sides of the naked shorting equation. So who was paying Gary Weiss to spend all day, most every day, publishing his attacks via his blog, message boards, and Wikipedia? Answer: the DTCC

Gary Weiss, Usenet Troll

What’s most noteworthy about this email is the IP from which it was sent:, which is the same I claimed proved Weiss established his pattern of online deception and sockpuppeting long ago as a poster to several Usenet groups.

Gary Weiss doesn’t like Liz Moyer

Gary Weiss doesn’t like Forbes journalist Liz Moyer, whom opponents of illegal naked short selling hold in high regard for her balanced and accurate reporting on the subject.

Gary Weiss and his Yahoo Gnomes

As it happens, I know precisely who Weiss’s gnomes were. But the point is, unless Weiss employs faerie-world creatures to do his dirty work for him, he was lying when he claimed that he never posted anything to Yahoo Finance.

The Final Word on Gary Weiss and Wikipedia

One of the strangest things I’ve ever seen is how Gary Weiss deals with getting caught in a lie. A great example of this is his denial of so much as editing Wikipedia, in the face of evidence that not only has he been a very active Wikipedia editor, but that he’s also engaged in an active effort to inject misinformation about illegal “naked short” stock trading, prominent opponent of naked short selling Patrick Byrne, and, which is the company Byrne heads as CEO.

Roger and Me: insights into the dark world of stock manipulation

The first several posts published on dealt with former BusinessWeek reporter Gary Weiss and his abuse of blogs, Wikipedia and message boards in defense of illegal stock market manipulation. Almost immediately after publishing the first such post, I began to receive email from readers who were confident that any scam involving Gary Weiss was [...]

The many fish tales of Jimbo Wales

Over the past month, dozens of volunteers have joined together to assemble a staggering amount of evidence backing up one of the central claims of that former financial journalist Gary Weiss is possibly the most profoundly conflicted Wikipedia editor in the history of that website. By all accounts, the resulting mass of evidence vastly [...]