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  1. A Renewed View of Gary Weiss Viewed and Reviewed Posted 05 Nov 2016 under Gary Weiss

    At some point on December 4, 2006, the number of reviews of Gary Weiss‘s book Wall Street Versus America dropped from 17 to 10, as all of the following reviewers’ contributions were deleted: Burton (Baltimore, MD) Dave Watson (Banning, CA) Luminiere (Miami) George (Needham, MA) Marty Ross (Houston, Texas) Rich Golden (New York, NY USA) […]

  2. The Wit and Wisdom of Gary Weiss Posted 29 Dec 2011 under Gary Weiss

    In coming weeks, a new book by Gary Weiss called Ayn Rand Nation will be published by St. Martin’s Press. wants anybody who considers buying or reviewing the book to know more about the author, based on his own words. This blog has gone to great lengths to identify many of the pseudonyms Gary […]